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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THANK YOU for a wonderful month!

Woaaahhh.. May zoomed faster than a speeding bullet. There were sleepless nights (for many a good cause BUT of course!), there were quiet days (but many playtime) with Baby Noury, there were artistic challenges, and there was that pile of ironing that needed to get done! HAH! But I did it. I recently found  a long-sleeved shirt for Nour at a Debenham's sale that said- My mom is a SUPERWOMAN! I think that says it all (I'd like to think so anyways). 

Here's a rundown of what The Cookie have been up to in May. Lets walk backwards, shall we :)  -

We got the ball rolling with our first cookie workshop on 21 May  - Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing. Catch the pics in our Facebook group page. I had NEVER laughed so hard at a workshop EVER! The ladies  (all 10 of them) were a great bunch. I hope everybody had a blast.

We were happy to receive a call from the Children Hope Foundation again. They requested a bundle of wonderful big red hearts to say thank you to some wonderful people supporting the Foundation. I couldn't say No to our wonderful friends at CHF and here's what I got done. I hope everybody enjoyed their hearts :)


I was in need of a challenge (YUP! I declare! I'm nuts!). Doing characters are the one thing I can call challenge cos you'd have to draw WITH icing like you'd use a fine-tip pen. Sugar ain't ink, I tell you that!

and so.. my stubborn self chose to do a full Spiderman picture. Then I realised (just in time too!) that I must be mad to want to draw spidey ON a cookie cos that darn character got like a million lines on him! haha.. and so here's how Spidey turned out -

Managed to do one Doreamon, Spongebob Squarepants & Tweety the Bird. Check out the pictures in our Facebook group :)  Go on!