The Cookie

Bitesized pieces of heavenly gourmet cookies made with the best ingredients, including nuts & chocolates. Each is ready to be devoured by YOU! Come on in! :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finding Nemo

I had myself a challenge to meet last week. A request for fishes and nemo came up. Who am I to turn down a challenge?! The adrenalin pump was a welcome after the long summer break. I say challenge not for the artwork, but mainly for the speed that this special customer wanted her cookies done by. Each cookie was tied to a birthday party invite.. sort've as a preview of what the party theme was about! It was a mad rush for me, but I just want to give a shout out of thanks to my hubs for helping with a teething and cranky baby.  Time was moving so fast, I was amazed I got it done in time. I hope all her guests enjoy the cookies & themselves at the pool party this coming thursday *wink*

 Check out these adorable sea creatures!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Cookie's Kitchen Re-Opens for more celebrations

EID MUBARAK!!! Wow! What a summer!!! We took an extra long break this summer in Morocco, in a small town where not one oven was in sight and not a kitchen was readily available for me to whip something up, and the internet connection left to be desired (I think I saw a garden slug move faster). so it was REALLY a 'step back' (from work and in time) and relax time for me. But boy oh boy.. am I all charged up to crank up the oven and start whipping up more goodies for YOU!

It is the month of Syawal now in the Islamic calendar, a month of celebration after a full month of Ramadhan where the Muslims had observed fasting from sunrise  to sunset. A week has since passed (Ok, I've missed the first few days of main celebration) but I'm psyched to bake up some goodies and share them with our friends here. Never too late to celebrate. It IS for the full month!

As soon as this jetlag passes over, LET THE BAKING (re-)COMMENCE!!!