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Bitesized pieces of heavenly gourmet cookies made with the best ingredients, including nuts & chocolates. Each is ready to be devoured by YOU! Come on in! :D


HELLO APRIL! YAY to my birthday, Earth Day (same day btw) and lots more family birthdays. I love April. I really do. And in the spirit of celebrations and reflecting on life and doing good, I've decided its time to give back. Do some charity work. AND I need all your support to make this a successful project!

This charity bakesale will run from 10 April to 10th May 2010! We will have ONLY CUPPIES, sold by the dozen (that's 12-pieces of petite-sized edible heaven!!)  and packed in our wonderful clear gift box. 33% of all proceeds will go directly to a deserving charity, which will be named later on. All cuppies are to be picked up from an agreed location in Mall of Emirates. We need ALL your support to help spread the word to EVERYONE you know!!!

NOTE: we are not a store IN the mall but using it as a pickup point for all orders.

Choose from any of these cuppies to delight your tastebuds -

PB & J @120dhs - Vanilla cuppies with jam* filling, topped with our crunchy peanut buttercream

Classic Vanilla @100dhs – All time favourite vanilla cuppies with vanilla buttercream

Delish Chocolate @100dhs – Moist chocolate cuppies with classic fudge on top

Orangilicious @110dhs - Orange cuppies with yummilicious orange glaze

Lemony Snippets @120dhs – Soft Lemon cuppies with lemon curd filling

Chocolate chippers @120dhs – Just like the cookie, topped with chocolate buttercream

Bug’s Fav @120dhs – Classic Carrot cuppies with vanilla cream cheese

Drop us an email at or call Aeshon at 0552 722 783 to place your order. Your order is confirmed once you get a reply by mail/sms from us. Give us up to 3days to get your order ready. All cupcakes are baked on the same day you pick them up so they are fresh for your enjoyment.

Come and do your bit for charity and help us make this project our first successful yet. We will update everyone weekly on how the project is coming along and how much we've raised for the charity.

Here's a sneak at how our cuppies are packaged. These are our Lemony Snippets.

Ready to be served and enjoyed by you & your family/friends/colleagues/loved ones.

Here's to a wonderful April to one and all :)

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